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    • Mary White

      This is my first time when I'm using such a bot to collect BTC from faucets. I used to open each, faucet manually to collect the BTC but with this website is getting ridiculously much easier! After paying the confirmation miners fee for my transaction got 0.07 BTC! that's sick.

    • Marie Bernard

      Thank you, greatly appreciate.. I have been making passive income using this bitcoin faucet collector bot.

    • Lucy Leroy

      Got the first payout today (0.16 BTC) let's keep this private guys, I'm sure soon will be pretty crowded and the faucets will patch the bot.

    • Cloe Jones

      I also received 0.12 BTC into my exodus wallet. keep it updated guys

    • Erwin Williams

      I was so skeptical at first but thanks guys with your honest comments, based on that I gave it a try and I collected 0.09 BTC. I will try again tomorrow. Did any of you found a way to use this bot more than once per 24h?

    • Louis Reem

      I see here people get angry because they can use it only once per 24h. Guys this is getting ridiculous, think about it.. there are hundreds of people who use the bot every day, it's normal to have some kind of restrictions. I'm ok whith this.

    • Isiah Thomas

      First session I collected 0.05 BTC and with the BTC which I got, the following day I paid the fee for a 0.73 BTC transcation! I'm so happy because I found this BOT. I hope that will work at least till the halving will come in May 2020

    • Arthur Morel

      How about making this bot private? (I can pay you to do that!) It's getting to much attention and im sure soon the but will get patched by faucets.

    • Amelie Johnson

      This is huge! I'm with crypto from 2015 and I never made so much money in one day (0.90 BTC that's huge!) with such a low risk. When I made more last time was using leverage but you know guys that you can lose all very quickly.

    • Elaine Robin

      I've never seen something like this before! I'm with BTC from ages but I never made 0.05 BTC easier than with this method.

    • Matilda Patsin

      Where do you spend the collected btc guys? any ideas?

    • Nicole Cherry

      the only problem is that I cannot collect multiple times per day. but to be honest I can live with that, lol

    • John Crestani

      For some of us, It really doesn’t matter what the price of crypto is today, what really matters is that everyone gets some for tomorrow. I just got my piece today, 0.26 BTC

    • Siril Lovin

      Seriously? This is incredible. Unfortunately I live in a fucking poor country and I can't afrod to confirm my transaction. Anybody here can give me some help?

    • Addie Mulrose

      My brother recommended this to me last week. This BOT is a real deal, the "shit" works!

    • Francis McMann

      I also collected 0.05 BTC today! Thank you for sharing this! Let's wait for that epic pump, $100k per BTC soon, let's go to the mooon!